2024 IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics

Predicted Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1. These topics are compiled from recent topics, recurring topics that appear each year and new common trends. Part 1 topics are based on everyday life, such as family, happiness, mobile phones etc. Some topics below have specific questions, others have suggested content for the topic.

IELTS Speaking Predicted Part 1 Topics 2024

Tip 1: The examiner will first ask about your Work, Study, Home or Hometown. You can find questions for those topics here: Common Topics For Part 1 Speaking Page.

Tip 2: It is NOT enough to only prepare from the list given below. You MUST also prepare from the common topics which appear each year – click here:LIST OF IELTS SPEAKING PART 1 COMMON TOPICS

Tip 3: Don’t memories your answers. Just prepare ideas and vocabulary, then practice answering questions in a natural way. Be open, friendly, honest and, most of all, be chatty. Speak until the examiner interrupts you with the next question.

  1. Advertisement
    1. your favourite advert, why was it memorable, fast food adverts, an advert you dislike, an advert from your childhood, types of advertising, are adverts reliable
  2.  Age
    1. your favourite age, your feelings on getting older, how you felt as a child, importance of birthdays, special birthdays, celebrating birthdays, difficult ages, happiest age
  3. Apps, Mobile Phones
    • What apps do you mostly use? What functions do they have? Do you like using a smart phone? How often do you upgrade it? Should children have their own smart phones? Model Answers: Mobile Phones
    • What do you use the internet for mostly? How often do you use the internet? Do you socialise online? What’s your favourite website? Do children use computers at school? Do you like using technology? What is your favourite gadget? Do you like learning about new technology? Should children be allowed to play video games or watching TV for many hours each day?
  4. Art, Museums, Galleries, Drawing, Painting, Monuments
    • Do you like art? What kind of art? Did you learn art at school? Did you visit a museum when you were a child? What museums are there in your country?  When did you last go to an art exhibition? Are you creative? Do you think creativity is important?
    • Do you like drawing? Did you learn to draw or paint at school? Is art important for children?
  5. Books, E-books, Magazines, Newspapers, Reading, Stories, Libraries
    • Do you like to read? What do you read? Did you read a lot as a child? What did you read? Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction?
    • Do you keep up with news? How? Do you often skim the headlines? Is online news reliable? What’s your favourite website?
    • Do you ever go to libraries? What types of books do people enjoy reading in your country?
    • Vocabulary: Newspapers
  6. Chatting
    • socialising with people, things to talk about, who you like to chat to, your voice (tone, changes in your voice, public speaking), people who gossip, chatting face to face vs by text vs online
  7. Clothes
    • What clothes have you recently bought? What is your favourite item of clothing? What casual clothes do you own? Do you prefer casual or formal clothes? How do you choose what to wear? Is there a favourite colour you like to wear? What do colours say about a person? Is there a colour you don’t like?
    • What traditional clothes are there in your country?
    • What was your school uniform like? Did your school have a strict dress code?
    • Do you wear or use accessories, such as bags, shoes, sunglasses or jewellery? What bags do you use? What shoes do you find most comfortable? Do you ever wear sunglasses? Are sunglasses popular in your country? What jewellery do you prefer? What jewellery is most popular?
    • Model Answers: Shoes
  8. Education
    • childhood school subjects, childhood teachers, learning – your memories, your favourite subjects, your childhood teachers, schools today, learning online, learning science, learning art, learning maths, learning languages at an early age
  9. Fashion, Shopping
    • Is it important to you? Have you ever bought anything fashionable? Do you think fashionable clothes are important?
    • Do you often go shopping? Where do you go? When did you last buy? Do you like shopping malls? Do you like small shops? Are street markets popular in your country? What can you buy there?  Have you ever had bad service in a shop? What did you do about it?
  10. Films, Movies
    • popular genres, favourite genres, childhood genres, foreign films, reading subtitles, children and TV, going to the cinema, real life films, how films change culture. Vocab: Types of Films 
  11. Food, Meals, Snacks, Desserts
    • What is your favourite (food / meal / snack / dessert / drink)? What were your favourite childhood (foods, snacks etc)? Were you a picky eater? What fruits and vegetables do you eat? Popular fruits and vegetables? Model Answers: Vegetables   Model Answers: Snacks
    • Do you eat chocolate or other sweets? Are cakes popular in your country? Do you think it’s healthy? What popular snacks are there in your country? What food etc do you dislike?
    • What food do people often guests in your country? What beverages are guests offered in your country? Do you ever take food or drink when you visit people? Do you give other gifts to people you visit?
    • What traditional foods are there in your country? Do you like foreign food?
    • Do you cook? Do you prefer homecooked meals? Are restaurant meals popular in your country? Model Answers: Good service in Restaurant
  12. Friends and Family
    • activities to do together, spending time with friends or with family – which is important, time spent with family or friends, the role of grandparents, who you are close to in your family, your best friend, childhood friends, family parties or gatherings
  13. Games
    • childhood games, childhood toys, school games, family games (board games other games), traditional games, doing puzzles, learning from games, games to play on your own
  14. Geography
    • Did you learn about other countries when you were at school? Can you draw the map of your country? Where is the capital city in your country located? Do you ever look at maps? How did you learn to read maps? Do use online maps or paper maps? Do you think it’s important to know the world map?
  15. Holidays
    • package holidays, travelling alone or in a group, adventure holidays, learning the culture,
    • TV makes holidays unnecessary,
  16. Housework
    • Who is responsible for the household chores in your family? Did you do housework as a child? What can children learn from doing housework? Should men do housework? What gadgets are commonly used for housework in your country? Do you think doing housework is good for your mental health?
  17. Languages
    • new languages, dictionaries, online learning, using google translate, visiting new countries and communicating, culture and languages, popular foreign languages, learning new words,
  18. Laughter, Smiling, Emotions
    • What makes you laugh? Do you smile often? Are you a moody person? What do you think of people who smile a lot? Is humour important in your country? Are people in your country emotional? Were you a happy child? Have you ever felt bored / embarrassed / impatient / annoyed?
  19. Luxury Items – spending money, items you own or would like to have, jewellery,
    • Do you spend money on luxury items? What luxury items are most popular in your country? Why do people spend money on luxury items? What would you buy if you could?
  20. Memory, Remembering
    • How do you remember things? Do you have a good memory? Is memory important?
    • Do you use calendars? Do you do puzzles to keep mentally active? Do you keep a diary? Do you think doing maths helps memory? Do you ever make notes or lists of things to help you remember?
    • Do you often forget things? Do you ever lose things? Model Answers: Concentration
  21.  Money
    • Do you prefer using cash or cards? Do you think cash will one day disappear? How can you keep your money safe online?
    • Do you think it’s better to save or spend? Do people often spend money unnecessarily in your country? How did you learn to manage money? Have you ever saved up for something special?
  22. Music
    • Types of music, your likes/dislikes, playing an instrument, foreign music, singing, learning music in schools, concerts, festivals, traditional music
  23. Names
    • Does your name have a meaning?
    • How do people choose names in your country?
    • Would you ever change your name if you could?
  24.  Nature
    • Do you like parks? Are there parks where you live? What do people do in parks? Do you like trees? What plants or flowers do you like? Are gardens common in your country? Is it better to live in a house or a flat?
    • Does your country have a lot of natural beauty? Do you like being in nature? Did you spend time in nature as a child?
    • Are picnics popular in your country? Do you like to spend time outside? What outdoor activities do you enjoy?
    • For model answers, click below:
  25. Places
    • quite places, noisy places, crowded places – where do you relax, types of noise in everyday life, popular crowded places, places for traditional events, places to socialise, your favourite childhood places
  26. Routines
    • morning/ afternoon/evening routines, weekday/weekend routines, changing your routines, childhood routines, work routines, doing housework, maintaining a routine, time management, scheduling, sleep habits and sleep routines
  27. Rural Life
    • Have you ever lived or visited the countryside? What do you like about the countryside? Why do some people prefer living there? Did you grow up in a rural or urban area? Do you think rural life is healthy? Have you ever grown your own vegetables or fruit? Do you think ever house should have a garden?
  28. Seasons & Weather
    • your favourite season, types of seasons in your country, your likes/dislikes, unusual weather, weather disruptions in your country, activities in different seasons, the night sky, rain, sunshine. For model answers about “the sky”, click: Sky
  29. Security – keys, personal safety, protecting private information online, sharing information
    • Do you have a lot of keys? Have you ever lost your keys? How do you keep yourself safe online? Do you share private photos or information about yourself online? Do you trust people easily? How do you know you can trust someone?
  30. Social Media
    • Is social media a good thing? Do you use it? Would you meet strangers on social media? Do you follow celebrities on social media? Should children mimic celebrities? Vocab: Advertising
  31. Sport
    • Do you enjoy sports? Do you enjoy swimming? Do you prefer team sports or individual sports? Do you ever watch sport on TV? Is sport popular in your country? Do you enjoy watching international sporting events?
    • How do you keep fit? Do you do any exercise? What type of exercise do you enjoy? Do you think exercise is important? How can elderly people stay fit? Are there many sports facilities near where you live?
    • Did you play sport at school? What kinds of games did you play at school? Do children benefit from doing sport?
  32.  Stress
    • how you relax, how you destress, the importance of mental health, outdoor activities (jogging, running, fishing, photography, bird watching, dog walking etc), indoor activities (reading, collecting things, art, yoga, meditation) work /life balance, stress for children, different types of stress between past and now, being patient
  33. Technology
    • Robots, apps, computers at work or study or free time, social media, recent purchases, gadgets you want, likes/dislikes. Model Answers: Robots
  34. Transport
    • How do people get around where you live? Do you often walk? Do you ride a bike? What form of transport is healthiest? Do many people in your country own cars? Do you have a driving license? How do old people get around where you live? Do you think children should walk to school? What’s the public transport like where you live? How could the public transport be improved?

Let me know how your test goes.

All the best


IELTS Speaking Model Answers & Tips

For model answers to various topics, including some of those above, and tips, click here: IELTS SPEAKING MAIN PAGE


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