IELTS Tips: Conclusion or Overview for Writing Task 1?

Writing a conclusion or an overview for IELTS writing task 1 reports is a question that many people have. Watch the video below to learn excellent tips about which paragraph to add. Knowing whether you need an overview or conclusion can make all the difference to your results.

Conclusion or Overview for IELTS Writing Task 1

The video below will explain whether you should aim for a conclusion or an overview in your IELTS writing task 1 academic paper.


Do I need a conclusion for task 1?

Well the answer is no, you don’t. In fact, it’s a bad idea to have a conclusion for task one. You have an overview for task 1 and you have a conclusion for task 2 for for your essay. Now a conclusion is a paragraph that repeats and restates the main points and of course in a short report you shouldn’t be repeating any information. So don’t have a conclusion. But you do need to have an overview. So that’s question two:

What is an overview?

Well overview is a paragraph and it contains all the key features of the chart or graph or whatever you have for your task 1. So all the key points are collected together and put in a overview paragraph.

Is the overview important?

It is so important it is critical for you IELTS writing task 1 this is for the criteria, task achievement. That’s 25% of your marks and if you don’t have an overview, it will be almost impossible to get above band score five for that criteria. So very important indeed. And number 4:

Can I write an overview and a conclusion?

Please don’t. Again the overview contains all the key features and the conclusion is a repeat. We don’t want repetitive information. Also when you have an overview and a conclusion together, it means that you are dividing your key features into two different places and this will affect the criteria of coherence and cohesion, which is all about paragraphs. So it’s very important that all your key features are collected in one paragraph, in the overview, and they’re not again repeated anywhere else in that report. So definitely you cannot have both. And the last one :

Where can i put the overview?

The overview statement usually goes after the introduction but it is possible to put it at the end of your report after the body paragraphs. Which is the best place? For me, I prefer it after the introduction. I like to read all the main points before I read the details but again that’s up to you. Both places are logical. Now if you want some more lessons here are some links to help you prepare for you IELTS test see you soon: IELTS Writing Task 1 Structure and Paragraph Organisation

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  1. Pauline Siror says

    This is sincerely appreciated

  2. Thank you for creating a platform that promotes kindness, compassion, and personal growth.

  3. Fortunate Airhunuoje says

    Hello Liz,
    Thank you for all your effort in putting these lessons together.
    What is the recommended number of sentences for an overview? Can i write upto 3 sentences in my overview or is 2 just fine?
    Thank you for your anticipated quick response.

    • There are no set numbers. More is not always better. It will depend on how many key features you have to report. It might be one long complex sentence or two sentences. But it is not impossible to have three. Remember, you are being marked on selecting information and not getting lost in too much smaller detail.

  4. Sharareh says

    Dear Liz
    I’ve just started to prepare for writing Task 1. My teacher says that for line graphs there is a need to write conclusion, but not for others. I was wondering to know is there any new rule to write conclusion for specific chart? Sorry if my question may be repetitive, but I’ve been really confused with this point and couldn’t find similar problem in comments.

  5. Hiiii LIZ😊
    Thank you very much 😊
    I have one question is it true using in introduction “a glance at the line graph provided reveals …..”

    • You task is to analyse the graph, not to glance at it. A glance is a quick look, not a detailed study. Try not to be too creative with your language for task 1 reports. A report is generally formulaic and uses similar language. Use the model answers given on this site to guide you.

  6. Lisa says

    Hi thanks so much for your lessons. Please l learnt that, the introduction and overview should be written as one paragraph. Am a little bit confused because l just read your task 1 tips about the overview being a separate paragraph. Can you please clarify? Thanks.

  7. Hi liz Mam😇
    i decide that i will give test on 28th of this month but i have problem to generate the ideas so how i can improve that 🤔🤔

  8. Vankshu khanna says

    Hello mam I have given my ielts test today and I forgot to write the overwiew in flow chart of recycling glass but after rephrasing the question I wrote that there are 3 stages of this process. So to how much extent it will affect my band score as I did well in task 2

    • The overview is the most important statement in your task 1. However, you did write that there are three stages so that counts as a basic overview. The overview is part of the marking criterion of Task Achievement which is 25% of your marks for task 1 and of course task 1 only counts for 33% of your final marks. There are many factors which influences your TA score in task 1, so you’ll have to wait and see how this all affects your final score. Good luck!

      • Dear liz 😇🤗
        Which type of ielts exam i have to fill
        IDP or BC
        because some people advice i have to fill IDP or some prefer to me that i will fill BC exam please recommend me which is good for me because my speaking is not very well nd writing is good so according to speaking answer me quickly please 😇🤗🤓

        Your sincerely
        With love nd best wishes

        Amanpreet kaur BRAR

        • They are not different types of IELTS test. They are the same test in different locations. Just choose the test centre that is closer to you and you feel comfortable at.

  9. Abhishek Bajracharya says

    What’d happen if the overview section is lengthier than the reporting paragraphs?
    Would it affect my band score?

    • The overview contains key features. You are being tested on selecting the main features – not listing all of them.

  10. Anil Helvacioglu says

    Dear Liz,

    Thank you ever so much. This video, awesomely prepared, is showing trick points helping get a high score in Task-1…

    Anil from Turkey

  11. Hey liz i am so depressed about how my test went , everything else went great but , in writing i attempted task 2 first and then did task 1 and i had just wrote abouth 80 words and i had n’t even decribe the carts with the given in formation like numbers,etc…and could reach barely upto 90 words and was out of time how much can i expect to score there any scope of scoring 6 bands in writing atleast !

    • You will receive a lower score in task 1. Your final score for the whole writing test will depend on how well you did in task 2. Then the average score is calculated.

  12. Hi Liz,

    I want to show me how can l write overview in correct way and give example for lesson for line graph and write it please


  13. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your lessons on the ielts writing task 1. Please can one use another synonym for the word “overall” when writing the overview?

  14. Javier E. says

    Hi Liz,
    I took the IELTS a couple days ago and I was very happy with both my essay and my report on task 1. However, as a conscious decision, I decided not to write a summary/overview (since I didn’t see any important trends on the data I was provided with). Since then, I’ve been reading everywhere that a summary/overview not only is necessary but (as some people say) maybe it’s the most important part of Task 1. Now I’m very worried about how not writing it will affect my grade. How bad do you think it can be? Thank you for your help.

    • If cause it is the most important paragraph. IELTS have released the public band descriptors which show very clearly that no clear overview is band 5 for Task Achievement, an overview is band 6 and a clear overview is band 7. Yes, it’s highly important. Why did you learn the marking system before your test? However, on a positive note, it will only affect your score the Task Achievement and not for the other three marking criteria for task 1. Also task 1 is only worth 33% of your score. So, there is a chance you will do ok depending on how you did in the other marking criteria and in task 2.

      • Javier E says

        Hi again Liz,
        In the end I got a 7 on Writing and an overall score of 8. I’m pretty happy with my results since it was the first time I took the test and I needed 6.5, but I know I could have done better if I had included a summary (if not overall, at least on the Writing test). Thanks again for your help.

  15. Thanks again Liz.
    This video addresses my previous concern about the overview/summary.

  16. Hello Liz,
    My teacher told me it is better to write overview exactly after my intro, but he also said it is not a separate paragraph it is actually a sentences which include in introduction.
    IS IT TRUE ?
    Thank you,

    • IELTS do not have such rules. Your teacher should explain what is his recommendation and what is a rule. Most people do put their overview in a separate paragraph because it is the most important statement and because it is easier for the examiner to find. However, it is your choice. It can also go at the end of your task 1. There are no fixed rules. The examiner will accept all options as long as their are logical.

  17. Ananya says

    I am in dilemma about where to put the overview paragraph in task 1. Someone told me that IDP and BC are now recommending to write overview after the bodyparagraphs and not after introduction.. as per changes in 2018….

    Could you please confirm

    Thanks and regards

  18. tayyba nawaz says

    dear can you please tell me how to write body paragraph

  19. manasa says


    Are we not supposed to again mention the key features used for the overview in any of the body paragraphs?

  20. hi Liz

    is it compulsory to put overview for map and process diagram, Task 1

  21. Kamalpreet kaur says

    Hlo Liz can i write overall in diagram task because my teacher said we can not write overall in diagram task.

    • The overview is the most important paragraph in academic writing task 1 – all types have an overview. The overview is part of the marking criteria which the examiner follows.

  22. Hannah says

    Hey Liz!
    My ielts teacher says that I can write numbers in the overview (including percentages, for example). From what I searched in the internet and other youtube teachers, they say the exact opposite. Will I lose marks if I write some numbers there?

    • There are no fixed rules. The overview is mostly used for presenting descriptions of the key features and the details (numbers) are given in the body paragraphs. However, tables often show totals and these are often useful to present in the overview. In the end, it comes down to your own judgement. I rarely put numbers in the overview – but occasionally I do.

  23. Hey Liz

    Will underlining the key points be of any use when writing Task 1 or Task 2?


    • The examiner can find the key points. You do not need to underline them. Examiners are trained professionals.

  24. Hi Miss Liz,

    I just would like to ask if I can use “In general” instead of “Overall” in writing the Overview in Writing Task 1?
    Thank you

    • It is possible to use any word. There is no right or wrong – there are only recommendations. I have already given my recommendations.

  25. Hii Mam..actually I want to know about the overview…is it true the information?that I should not write over view in diagrams ,maps ,tables and flow charts???

    • All writing task 1 for the academic test require an overview. This is clearly shown in the IELTS band score descriptors.

      • Hi liz,
        One of the ielts book called “ielts star” says for writing report introduction, overview, body paragraph and conclusion should be the sequence.
        Should i follow what you recommended?
        (Introduction, body paragraphs (2) and overview)

        • Who is the author or the book? Did the author complete the IELTS examiner training? Always think carefully before following advice. Always check with the IELTS band score descriptors published by IELTS that show an overview for task 1 and a conclusion for task 2.

  26. Amna Malik says

    Hey Liz..
    Your videos and explanations are really good. Thanks a lot.

  27. I’m just confused, in the review center I’m affiliated with, we were taught to use introduction and overview, body and conclusion for British Council ielts and use introduction, overview and body for IDP ielts, which one is correct. How do you construct a conclusion?

    • Definitely don’t have an overview and a conclusion. If you put your key features in different paragraphs, you will get a lower score for Coherence and Cohesion which is 25% of your marks. There is no right way or wrong way – there is only the recommended way: introduction, overview, body paragraphs (usually 2). See this page:

      • pradeep says

        why we should not mention conclusion in task 1?

        kindly let me know how to write task2?

        • It is explained in the video above about the difference between conclusions and overviews. For writing task 2, click on the red bar at the top of the website.

  28. Rajinder kaur says

    hi please help me……
    my teacher ask me overall is write in after body paragraphs is it write or wrong way to write writing task 1

  29. I hope to pass my IELTs exam on December I always watch videos from Liz I am sure iy will help me a lot..

  30. Hey Liz, I am living in London. Can I attend your face-to-face training courses with you?

  31. Dear Liz,

    Will I get a lower band score for stating only one key feature in the Overview?
    Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  32. Hi Liz
    I have registered for the exam in 11/11/17.would you please suggest me some topics about speaking which might has possibility to come?please

  33. Hi mam liz good day.
    I just want to ask maam if do you have a model sample for writing task 1 academic for TABLES, DIAGRAM and mixed maam… thank you in advance

  34. Hi mam! where should I write overview.on second paragraph or at last ?plzz suggest me which one is better for good scoring.thnks

  35. Mam I want to get clarified one doubt that most of tutors on YouTube recommend to end task 1 with a conclusion but your suggesting to include an overview. Which one to choose?

    • A conclusion repeats main points. You can’t repeat anything in a short report for task 1. The examiner is looking for an overview – this has been published by IELTS in their band score descriptors.

  36. Tanminder says

    Hi Liz,
    Yesterday was my speaking exam and i got the topic regarding historical event in your country?
    Folowed by questions
    When and where it took place?
    Who took part in it?
    What were results so far?

  37. Hi, Liz!

    Your scripts are so useful, and i wish i could have seen them earlier.
    However, the videos are not available and I could not watch them.
    Do you have any suggestions on that?
    All the best wishes,

  38. Aparna says

    Hey mam,,please tell me overall can be put in diagram or flow chat also ?

  39. Gurpreet Kaur says

    Dear friends I had my ielts exam on 29 of July
    My Cue card was
    describe an occasion when u need to b on time
    N follow up questions was
    How u manage your time?
    Time management?
    How can you manage your time?
    Why time management is important?
    N questions was on time management
    Part one was on house

  40. Manish Subedi says

    Hi Liz

    Can I write my overview in the last Paragraph?

  41. Malav sejpal says

    Today was my speaking exam ,
    Talk about a place where there were lots of people .
    Where is the place ?
    Why you went there ?
    Like & dislike of the place ?

  42. Thanks , very helpful

    But an Examiner in British Counsil course says that you should have a conclusion in Task 1 . You will get reduced mark if you didn’t.

    • You can ask your friend if they mean the conclusion is the overview. Some teachers use the word “conclusion” instead of the word ” overview”. Of course you need an overview – it is stated by IELTS in their band score descriptors. Let me repeat this – IELTS have stated this very very clearly in their band scores for writing task 1.

  43. Pradeepkumar says

    Dear Liz, as you stated that, overview contains all the main key features.How much bigger the overview shall be?I mean how many words shall I include to write an overview?

  44. Vaishali says

    Hi Liz today i had so good test, the only thing in writing i mention conclusion as it suppose to be not. Any idea that will affect my score band. Thanks

    • I presume you are talking about writing task 1. If you had both an overview and a conclusion then you have separated your key features into two different locations and this will affect your score for CC which is 25% of your task 1 marks. However, you can still do well in the other criteria and in task 2.

  45. Abhishek says

    Do i really need to do planning before writing task2

    • Yes. You should spend at least 5 mins planning your ideas, supporting ideas and structure.

  46. Mary says

    hi Liz,
    first of all special thanks for your kindest to make this website, I really appreciate that, I need some one to check my writing , before I sent a msg for you ,and u sent me just the of your website but unfortunately its not clear .

  47. Can I write word called Conspicuous instead of OVERALL?

  48. Prince kumar says

    Hi Liz,
    I want to know about task 1 that can we start the second paragraph of task 1 with a comparisons instead of overview or highlighting feature and give the overview in the end of the task?
    Does this effect my band score 🤔

  49. Gian Carlo says

    Hi Liz!

    First of all thank you for creating this website of yours. It is so helpful for us. I just want to clarify one question, because my previous instructor in IELSTS told me it is not allowed for us to use all capital letters in writing, is is true that we might penalize for doing it? Thank you Liz!! 🙂

  50. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for your advise. I want to ask that is it okay combining the introduction and overall paragraph in a one paragraph?
    Thank you,

    • It is possible but I only do it for diagrams when the intro sentence is very short. If you do put them together, make sure you use a linking word to highlight the overview statement. The intro statement and overview statement must be separate even if they are in the same paragraph.

  51. Alexandra says

    Dear Liz,

    Many thanks for your useful website!!!
    Thats perfect!
    I would like to ask you how many paragraphs we need to have in Writing Task 1 and Writing Task 2?

  52. Juliette HUA says

    Dear Liz,

    Do we also need to have an overview paragraph if the diagram we have to present is describing the different steps of a process (e.g. manufacturing yogurt)?
    I don’t really see the point of an overview paragraph in this case.

    Thank you,

    • Yes, you MUST have an overview. Here’s an example: “Overall, yogurt is made after raw milk is passed through pasteurisation and various temperatures before being inoculated with starter cultures.”. So, you can see, that we are choosing the key features to put in the overview. Another possible and simpler overview is: “Overall, raw milk is passed though 5 stages before becoming yogurt.” The overview is the most important paragraph in academic writing task 1.

  53. Mariam says

    Hello Liz,

    Should we mention and write about all given data in two body paragraphs or it’s not necessary. Which is better way to do?

    Thank you in advance.

  54. Dear Liz, First of all, thank you for your excellent tips in the lessons: I have few questions regarding the IELTS Reading and Writing:
    1. Should we use pen or pencil for the writing tasks?
    2. Is lower case writing (all are written in small letters) affect the score?
    3. Is few spelling mistakes (two to four words in total) in writing affect the score by too much?
    4. Does IELTS center provide more answer sheets for Task 2?

  55. Thank you Liz, it’s really a nice way to learn. You have a very clear voice.

  56. Anish Dhakal says

    do the words enclosed inside braces count for the number of words in the writing task 1

  57. Hello.
    I did IELTS before 6 months and got score band 6 in writing 5.5 I had the mistake of in conclusion in task 1 does this mistake decrease my score 1 band or more.

    • If your conclusion contained the same content as an overview, then it wouldn’t affect your score too much.

  58. nishanth says

    Hi liz!
    Writing task was same for both IPD and BC same or different.pls tel me.Because i am taking ipd exam.

  59. great

  60. thank you liz

  61. Liz, you are awesome, thank you very much 🙂

  62. Is it OK to write “Overall as the graph shows ….” or after “overall” simply state the key information without “as the graph shows”.

    • It’s not going to help your score writing “as the graph shows” but it also isn’t a problem if you decide to add it.

  63. Hi Liz, First of all, thank you for your helpful lessons.
    I have a question about overview part, is it right : we must not write any number in overview part ? for example:
    x experienced the greatest increase by 27% while y had the least growth by 5%
    is it better I don’t write the numbers ?

    • Usually you don’t write numbers in the overview. However, for tables, you might consider adding any totals given.

  64. Hi Liz, in the official Cambridge IELTS books, the overview is always in the end (in the model answers). Then why are you preferring to put overview after introduction? Please explain.

    • There is no right or wrong place to put the overview. It is usually best to present the key features because writing about detail. However, it makes no difference to the score.

  65. Hi liz ,
    What a wonderful and fantastic website for all ielts candidates!
    I feel like I have found the right medicine for my ielts test wound .
    Your lessons are very helpful for us . Thank you so much for your hard work and generous effort .

  66. Harsha says

    Hi Madam,
    What is the different between overview & conclusion please

    • A conclusion summarises main points already written. An overview contains key features not previously highlighted.

      • Shuvo Sarker says

        Hi Liz,
        So overview and summary is different from each other. If use both..will it hamper or increase my band score?

        • You don’t repeat information in a short report. The overview contains the key features – you don’t summarise them again later.

  67. Abdulrahman says

    Hello Liz,

    I would like to ask about the summary.
    Is it possible to write both the (Overview) which is after the introduction and the (Summary) which is at the end of the report ?

  68. Nguyen says

    Hi Liz,
    Can you tell me the differences between an overview and body part? i don’t know how to avoid repeating the key features in the body part. And if the task have 2 pie charts that i can’t compare information between them, what should i organize my report? do i need to have an overview for both or just move directly to body parts for each chart?
    Thank you

    • Highlight key features in your overview and then report detail in the body paragraphs.

  69. ioana says

    Hi Liz! First of all, thanks for the great lessons!
    I got an overall 7.5 on my test. With 8.5 in speaking, 8 in Listening, 7.5 in reading, but only 6 in writing. I watched all your videos, and i followed all your steps. I cant figure out what i did wrong, other than the fact that both my essays were shorter than 150 and 250 words, and maybe some grammar mistakes. I’ll have my IELTS exam again in a few days. Any recommendations?

  70. Sreelatha rajesh says


    I wrote ielts exam in last month . I got 6.5 in listening and reading ,6 in speaking,very less score in writing;5 . In which part should I focus more to get band score of 7.In which way I have to practice ??i am not getting enough ideas to write task 2 topics.Even I don’t have much knowledge about the topic as exam date is 28th May.

  71. i got 6 overall band but 4.5 in reading ,6 from listening and writingand 6.5 in speaking

  72. misdior says

    very useful

    Really you are amazing ….I like your way to explain the steps

  73. HRN Blake says

    Thank you so much, it is very useful. You are amazing.

  74. Keith says

    Hello Liz, I completely understand the choice of overview over a conclusion in task 1, nevertheless, I’m not sure if I should include also data in the overview paragraph or to provide it in the body paragraph? I mean to say if I should include for instance, data about years, currency etc as the case maybe?

    • The units and categories on the graph or chart should be put in the introduction. The selected key features should be in the overview. The only data that usually does in an overview is when you have totals, such as in a table.
      All the best

  75. Naima says

    Hello!! I have a doubt. In task 1 when we have a map or a life cycle do we need to have an overview?? Thanks a lot.

    • All academic writing task 1 must have an overview. See my model answers on the main writing task 1 page.

  76. Prema says

    All of your videos and tutorial tips are very useful for preparation. Thank you very much for your Yeman service.

  77. Hello Liz.

    How to Calculate the band score in IELTS exam. Mostly in Writing parts.
    I am Little bit confuse on Task 2. So can you please helping out to me. My exam on 9th Jan 2016.

  78. karthick says

    Hello Liz,

    I wrote IELTS 2 times, But I couldn’t get band score more than 6 in writing both the times…
    In which part I have to focus to get 6.5 or 7

  79. shabnam says

    Hi angel,just want u to know that u r amazing and generous…i am sure universewilpay you back…bless u xx

  80. Thank you very much for clearing the doubt between overview and conclusion.

  81. Hi, Liz

    You said that overview is important in Task 1. Conclusion is not a good idea for this task. But in “Road To IELTS” I have found that the sample task 1 uses conclusion. Since that free materials are suggested by British Council, I am little bit confused now. To me an overview is way better than a conclusion in task 1. Would you please tell me why sample passage in “Road To IELTS” uses conclusion?

    • There are many teachers and authors that tell students to write an overview. However, you will not find one ex-examiner or any person who has completed the IELTS examiner training course who will tell you to do that. However, this is your choice. The band score descriptors published by IELTS clearly show the examiner is looking for an overview in order to give any score over band 6 – you decide if you want to write one or not.
      All the best

      • Hello, Liz
        you are very helpful but I am kind of confused, I am taking the test in one month and I have never heard that conclusion is not needed for writing Task 1. I was watching your video about writing Task 1 and I was waiting for the conclusion all way long. Then I was readdressed here and found out that the conclusion is not necessary as I was used to believe. Moreover, I have made quite a lot of practice tests, now I am starting to watch the videos to ‘fill the gaps’ do you think that’s the advantageous approach?
        Thanks in advance,

  82. Dukhail says

    Is there difference between overview and conclusion?
    Do you think when I read more half an hour each day my writing skill will improve?
    Is there difference between task1 & task 2?

    • Please read my lessons on the main writing pages for your answers. All these questions have already been answered.

    • Bonn Flores says

      Hi Liz.This is my first time to take the IELTS test. What are your advices?

      • Watch my IELTS preparation video on the home page and then start reading IELTS lessons.

        • Bonn Flores says

          Hi Liz, Thank you for your reply. I have watched most of your videos however I’m still having a hard time to compose a sentence in writing an essay in terms of paraphrasing the introduction. The way I understood about paraphrasing the introduction is to literally paraphrased the whole sentence according to what has been written. (word for word) considering the task 1 and 2 of essay writing are very time limited. Please help. Thanks.

          • To rephrase something doesn’t mean writing it word for word. You paraphrase the meaning which means write it again in your own way.

  83. Abdullox says

    hi liz. I can not write task 2 well. what should I do exactly? pls help me with this

  84. Hello Liz .
    I have a problem with the overview . In this video I know that it’s important to write a overview but when I read some exemples on Ielts Write Right book I did’t see any overview . But all of these exemples was graded over 7 band . So can you tell me why is it ?

    • I can’t tell you why authors write what they do. Has the author of the book completed the IELTS examiner training?

  85. hi Liz, i really had a problem with my Writing Skill.. When it was explained, it seems very easy to me. But when i had to write on my own, i got nothing to say anymore..Can you please help me on this matter? thaNks 🙂

  86. Hello Liz,
    Here you mentioned about not writing the coclusion in short notes .However, when i was going through a book ” Cambridge ielts 8 “, I found an answer with conclusion in it ( at page 168 ) .so, I am confused what model to follow .
    also , do the examiner reduce the marks for handwriting and poor presentations ( like crossing the mistaken words here and there)

    Thank you

    • Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by “short notes”. There is no such type of task in writing task 1.
      All the best

      • Hello Liz,
        sorry for not writing the question clearly , Here is what i mean.
        In this video ,you have mentioned about not writing the conclusion in short reports ( 1:10 secs in video ) ,as you mean to say not to write conclusion in writing task 1 . But when i was going through a page 168 of cambridge book 8, i found a answer with a conclusion . so i got confused as iam following your classes for preperation.
        Hope you will clear me out on this.


        • The IELTS Cambridge test books are written by IELTS not by teachers. They make their models as different as possible to ensure the exam remains challenging. It is always best to follow models from teachers who have been trained as examiner by IELTS. You should also follow the band score descriptors published by IELTS which clearly show that an overview is needed for task 1 and a conclusion is needed for task 2.
          all the best

  87. Hi Ms.Liz
    Thank you for your ielts lesson scripts and videos. They are helping me enormously a lot since I am reviewing by myself.
    I wish I’ve seen your site before I took my first ielts so I might not have need to retake it again to have better scores.
    Anyways, more powers to you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  88. Your voice is strong , clear and pleasant . Your method of teaching is very easy and new style. Please give us more and more video lesson that is most useful.

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