IELTS Reading: Lessons, Information & Tips

Free IELTS reading tips, lessons and test information for success in your reading test. Develop your skills with these useful tips and practice lessons for a high score in reading. Everything you need to know about reading is here. You can find authentic IELTS reading test links at the bottom of this page.

IELTS Reading Information

IELTS reading test information, answers to common questions, tips and band scores.

IELTS Reading Test Information & Tips (FAQ)

IELTS General Training Reading Test Information

IELTS Band Scores: Calculate your Score

Essential Tips for IELTS Reading

These IELTS reading tips below are to help you understand the techniques needed for the IELTS reading test. Click below to open the link:

Practice Lessons for Reading Skills

Below are practice reading lessons to help you develop reading skills for IELTS. They are not IELTS tests. These reading exercises have been designed by myself to provide free practice materials for you. Some of the exercises are easy and some are more difficult so that students of all levels can practise.

  1. True False Not Given Practice Reading 
  2. Desertification: Matching headings
  3. About Ants: Diagram Completion & TFNG
  4. Paraphrasing Practice 1
  5. Paraphrasing Practice 2
  6. Paraphrasing Practice 3
  7. Life on Earth: Sentence Completion
  8. Google Translate for Medical Purposes: Matching Paragraph Information
  9. Crime and Punishment: Matching Sentence Endings
  10. Beds in the Ancient World: Categorisation
  11. Pangolins: Matching Headings with Tips 
  12. Ebola: Matching Paragraph Information
  13. The History of Easter Eggs: Short Answer Questions
  14. Water Pollution: Sentence Completion
  15. GM Foods: Multiple Choice
  16. Antimicrobial Resistance: Matching Headings
  17. Choosing a Title
  18. The South Pole: Matching Paragraph Information and Tips
  19. NASA’s Mars Ship: Matching Sentence Endings
  20. Alzheimer’s: Multiple Choice
  21. Fermented Foods: Summary Completion
  22. An Ear for Music: Multiple Choice
  23. War on Smoking: Sentence Completion
  24. Importance of Sleep: Summary Completion
  25. Penguin Facts: Sentence Completion
  26. Hobbies for the Elderly: Matching Paragraph Information
  27. All about Rice: Multiple Choice
  28. Choosing a Title
  29. The Greenhouse Effect: Matching Headings

IELTS Reading Practice Tests: British Council

Full authentic IELTS Reading Tests published by IELTS, British Council. Use the test to practice under exam conditions. Give yourself 1 hour to read the passage, answer the questions and complete the answer sheet. Each test, contains: Full Reading Test Questions, Answer Sheet and Answer Key. Even if you are taking the computer based test, you should use this free practice test. Just because the answers are written on paper rather than typed in a computer, don’t change the test itself. Click below:

Free GT Reading Test

Free Academic Reading Test


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